Over the last decades it has been generally accepted that smoking can cause
serious harm to your health. Stopping smoking after many years of use is not easy
which is why health institutions and governments increasingly acknowledge that
smoke-free alternatives could provide a pathway to help more than 1 billion
smokers across the globe to find harm-reduced alternatives to smoking.

On July 1, 2017, the UK Department of Health stated in the publication “Towards a
smoke-free generation – A Tobacco Control Plan for England” that “The government
will seek to support consumers in stopping smoking and adopting the use of less
harmful nicotine products. In addition there has been the development and very
recent introduction of novel tobacco products that claim to reduce the harm of
smoking. We welcome innovation that will reduce the harms caused by smoking and
will evaluate whether products such as novel tobacco products have a role to play in
reducing the risk of harm to smokers.”


Snus has been used in Sweden for more than 200 years. In the 1970’s snus pouches
were introduced at a time where 10% of Swedish males used snus. Today 20% of
Swedish males use snus very much due to the easier use of snus pouches compared
to traditional loose snus. During the same time period the number of male smokers
in Sweden has dropped significantly which arguably can be partly a tribute to the
increased use of snus. More than 40% of Swedish males smoked in 1976 which has
dropped to only 5% today.

Notably the numbers of smoke related deaths in Sweden is by far the lowest amongst 28 European countries.

In 2017 Eurobarometer published a statistic showing “Death rate per 100,000 attributable to tobacco, all causes of death, men 30 years and older”.

The ratio across the 28 European countries shown was 373 with Sweden’s
ratio of 152 being by far the lowest in EU28!
The Swedish tobacco
related death per 100,000 men above 30 years was 60% below the EU28 average
and an astonishing 80% lower than Hungary!


During the last few years more and more restrictions for where smoking is allowed and additional taxation have increased the cost of smoking. Vaping has taken market share from smoking, but with recent questions raised on the long-term effect of using vapes/e-cigarettes, the future is uncertain for this alternative.

Snus and nicotine pouches present a harm-reducing alternative to smoking and the categories have grown significantly over the last few years.

Whereas snus has been around for eons, nicotine pouches opens a similar yet relatively new product category which has seen very strong growth since being introduced.

The major difference is that nicotine pouches do NOT have any tobacco in the pouches offering a different experience compared to snus.