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All White / Nicotine Pouches



Mint flavor

Nicotine content       15 mg/gram

Welcome to the melting pot of the west where everyone feels at home – The city that never sleeps. The freshness of mint is like a walk in Central park on a colorful day in autumn, with the goal set on a night out downtown. Don’t miss out on the great street foods on your way home from your evening bonanza. YOYO™️ New York is a nicotine pouch with the fresh taste of mint.


Mojito flavor

Nicotine content       8 mg/gram

Welcome to the chill capitol of the world – The city of sun, fun and fruity drinks. The fresh taste of mojito is like visiting La Bodegita del Medio for a quick refreshing drink.Don’t miss out on a stroll along Malecon before heading in to the pitouresque alleys of the city. YOYO™️ Havana is a nicotine pouch with the fresh taste of mojito. 



Strawberry / Mint flavor with a twist of lime

Nicotine content       12 mg/gram

Welcome to the swinging city – The city of diversity and fun.The taste of strawberries, mint and lime is equally exciting as the city itself.Don’t miss out on great shopping, broadway and the cosy pubs. YOYO™️ London is a nicotine pouch with the fresh taste of strawberries, mint and tanginess of lime.


YOYO™ STOCKHOLM (licorice/mint)

Nicotine content        20 mg/g

Welcome to the Capital of Scandinavia – The home of kings and queens.
The bitey yet fresh taste of liquorice and mint resonates with the salty ocean and cool
modern cuisine of Sweden. Don’t miss out on the enriching culture life as well as the posh and trendy spots of Östermalm.
YOYO™ Stockholm is a nicotine pouch with fresh bitey taste of mint and licorice. 



YOYO™ MOSCOW (licorice/mint)

Nicotine content        25 mg/g

Welcome to the city of history, majesty and artistry – The City of Greatness. The refreshing taste of cranberry and mint is as refreshing as a morning stroll on The Red Square while listening to the bells of Kremlin. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy world class ballet at The Bolshoi Theatre to spark that cultural (intellectual) mind of yours. YOYOTM Moscow is a nicotine pouch with a refreshing taste of vodka, cranberry and mint.


YOYO™ MUMBAI (licorice/mint)

Nicotine content        6 mg/g

Welcome to the Bollywood capital of the world – The city of business and fun. The tangy and fresh taste of gin and tonic is as exciting as the Indian culture itself. Don’t miss out on the exotic bazaars and countless restaurants.


Product Development

Ever since I started out my career in Cuba and the Dominican Republic working for Suede Cigars and Swedish Match I have taken the route of ensuring the highest quality product experience and satisfaction for our valued customers.


It has been a true joyride working with Nordic Noir developing the YOYO™ brand on the back of my 25 years passion within the tobacco and snus industry.


YOYO™ is the newest addition to the fastest moving segment of the non-smoking, harm-reducing alternative category for smokers who are seeking alternatives to smoking.


The numerous 100% natural flavored products we offer in our All White tobacco-free nicotine pouches are to a large extend never-before-seen in this new and fast developing market.


YOYO™ is a tangible proof that we do our utmost to “create a smoke-free world” bringing a wider selection of products and flavors to smokers who are seeking harm-reducing products and  “a better taste in the mouth whilst enjoying life”!


After all, it is your choice what to do in life!


“All White is the New Black!” … “It’s Your Time – It’s YOYO™ Time!”

CONNY ANDERSSON, VP Product Development

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