“Non Ducor, Duco”

Observing the needs for a wider offering of smoke-free alternatives, we took the
decision in 2019 to found Nordic Noir under the motto  
“Non Ducor, Duco”

(“I am not led, I lead”).

At Nordic Noir we innovate, develop, manufacture and market smoke-
free products including nicotine pouches and all white snus under trademark
registered contemporary brands. We aim at providing smokers increased options to take educated choices should they wish to switch to harm-reducing alternatives to smoking.

With a global tobacco market exceeding USD 1,000 billion annually of which only 2%
currently is made up by “smokeless tobacco” products, the need for providing harm-reducing alternatives is eminent.

At Nordic Noir we are ready to reach out globally to 1 billion smokers in pursuit of the vision of “creating a smoke-free world”!


Our vision is to become a major participant in the creation of a smoke free world.


Our mission is to create a global entity that will develop, manufacture and market ’unique’ smokeless products.

PER TEGELÖF, Founder & CEO    



Nordic Noir Holding is via subsidiaries and satellite offices in Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark and Spain currently operating in the European and Asia/Pacific regions.

Nordic Noir works with importers, distributors and retailers (“brick-and-mortar” and e-commerce) in addition to operating 2 webshops (launching May 2020)

The North American market is planned to open not later than 2021.


Nordic Noir Holding Ltd is headquartered in Hong Kong.


Nordic Noir Concepts Ltd

Nordic Noir Trading Ltd

Nordic Noir Sweden AB

Having been in business relations with the founders of Nordic Noir for more than 20 years I was excited to get onboard this fast-growing business venture that Nordic Noir is offering.


My international background setting-up media and high-end HORECA distribution in Italy, Dubai and Sweden should be a valuable addition to the experience the rest of the international team is offering.


I am extremely excited to bring YOYO™ and other high-end All White products to the benefit of our online global customer base – hope you will feel the same.


After all – “Kunden är Kung” – “The customer is the King”


Managing Director, Nordic Noir Sweden AB